will.i.am’s new song “It’s A New Day” http://is.gd/6YTP A little post-election euphoria

Retweeting @aarahkahak: Johnny’s in Carrboro in McSweeney’s “My Son James’s Favorite Snacks From the Local Tienda” http://twurl.nl/0dqwo2

Vandana Shiva at UNC tomorrow (11/11) at 5:30 in the Global Education Center. I met her in Delhi; very impressive. Go hear http://is.gd/6T4b

Seen in Carrboro Citizen: School lunch for this Monday= nachos with beer & cheese & salsa

“Programming is a conversation with information in the same way science is a conversation with nature.” Michael Tiemann

Little Stevie Wonder doing “Fingertips (parts 1 & 2)” http://is.gd/6syM Jazz harmonica and bongos at their best! Live in 1963