I’m actually reading these articles more deeply than the ones I scan and bookmark on Delicious for later:

“Maelstrom Over Metadata” in Inside Higher Ed

“A debate is carrying on in the undercurrents of the academic Web, pitting those who defend libraries’ core mission of open access against the membership organization that collects and operates a massive online catalog on which many of them rely.” OCLC acquiring copyright on all catalog records created by its members puts WorldCat at odds with Open Library, Zotero and LibraryThing say many including Aaron Swatrz on his blog which I’m also reading.

“Jeff Shear’s History of “Cynthia,” the World War II Spy” at History News Network.

“This is the true story of how a spy known as Cynthia, Madame Elizabeth Brousse, was used by the desperate British and their American friends in the three-day old Office of Strategic Services to nudge the course of history.” The story promises to be steamy and historic and to correct past historical mistakes including but not limited to: she wasn’t even blonde. Her hair was auburn or “perioxided,”