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Month: October 2009

Meaty Interview (with me)

I may be a ham but I have no beef with the meaty podcast from the Kansas State Ad Club that Joel Jackson did with me the other night for their “Something to Chew On” blog/podcast.

KSU Ad Club Podcast interview

Three kinds of Beets + Pomegranate Salad

There must be some reason, some grand reason, why beets and pomegranates are in season at the same time. I took three bunches of beets — each a different variety; Golden, Red and Chiogga — from the Farmer’s Market , roasted them then cooked them up with onion, ginger, orange zest, wine vinegar and stock/water. After that cooked down good, I chilled them and added pomegranates and feta cheese. Tossed them on greens and served them up.

Here’s the recipes I started from: one from Simply Recipes featuring Golden Beets and this one which inspired the previous from Sunset Magazine via MyRecipes.

My contribution/changes were to: 1) add fresh ginger finely chopped to cook with the beets 2) make the recipe vegetarian by changing to vegetable stock or just water 3) took a pass on the liquer 4) used red wine vinegar for red beets, seasoned rice wine vinegar for the goldens and chioggas 5) served the beets isolated by type.

Three Beet (Chiogga, Red, Golden) + Pomegranate Salad with a ... on Twitpic

Yumm! Even if you never liked beets before, you will like them this way. BTW I only used fresh beets; I can’t imagine doing this with canned.

Equinox at Oconeechee in Hillsborough




Great to see Equinox in Hillsborough at the Oconeechee Steakhouse. Also had a chance to meet Howard Burchette whose Funk Show on WNCU is one of my Saturday favorites (after Pirate Radio on WCOM of course).

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