Thanks to Google Alerts, I learned that I was cited in the Independent Weekly’s food section for my blog. Not this blog. In fact, not even a blog that I’ve ever posted too. Perhaps I should have posted to Jacob Kramer-Duffield aka JKD aka @jaykaydee’s Piedmont Review of Food a long time ago; it’s a great blog with good stuff to say about food.

Nonetheless I’m in the ink as the author of the Piedmont Review of Food as the writer for the Indy didn’t bother to try to contact me or JKD. If Claire Cusick had, then her article “Eat with your mouse instead of your mouth” would have been corrected like this:

Even Paul JonesEven a busy PhD candidate has a food blog. The local online pioneer and director of ibiblio.orgJacob Kramer-Duffield, an insightful researcher on metadata, also writes about food and drink at the academically named Piedmont Review of Food (, subtitled “Food, beer, &c. from Carrboro, North Carolina.” He began in 2007 with these words: “This blog will be about food, which is to say it’ll be about a lot of things,” and he’s kept faithful to that vision, sharing recipes with annotations and verdicts, a review of a brown ale and a discussion of stevia that begins “What on earth is that stuff??!”

Overall with this fix a fine bit of a bigger article.

Still the article omitted the Best Food Blog of the Triangle! Grace Talks About Food. You must read and view Grace’s videos — especially on Hannah Montana Cereal

UPDATE: Just heard from Claire who is correcting now. And JKD has updated Piedmont Review of Food so it’s easier to see who writes it.