Miss Norma C Forde dies — end of a Laurinburg NC era.

In the early 70s, I often ate at Miss Forde’s Coffee Shop, but even better on special occasions I would be treated to one of her unique train cakes. The cake — actually several smaller cakes representing an engine, some utility cars and a caboose — was handed to me on a 4 foot long board covered with tin foil. She insisted each time that I bring back the board in good repair within a week. I always did.

On one occasion, Miss Forde upset by my waist length hair snuck up behind me with large pastry shears. Clicking them loudly and clicking her tongue to add to the sound and drama, she grabbed my hair into a pony tail. I leapt up and beat it to the other side of the table quickly. We made peace and she would often give me an extra cookie with my lunch.

She and her shop were landmarks of Laurinburg for decades.

Her obit here: http://www.laurinburgexchange.com/view/full_story/7483520/article-Norma-Cannady-Forde?instance=lead_story_left_column and here http://fayobserver.com/articles/2010/06/06/1001783?sac=Col