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Date: 7/21/2011

Why Librarians must go #noemail

Hard on the heels of today’s GetSatisfaction post, Daniel Beaver-Seitz alerts me to this graphic based on a week in the life of librarian Janie Hermann from 365 Sketches and revisioned by as part of a larger graphic of a Librarian’s Worth. Working some of the math for you: Janie works 2,785 minutes in this week or 46.4+ hours of which 800 minutes or 28.7+% of her time is spent on email. According the 356Sketches, Janie received 73 (I assume post-spam-filter) emails and sent 182 emails during this week.

A Librarian's Week - via

A Librarian's Week - via

GetSatisfaction and Gov 2.0 – #noemail to the rescue

Luke Fretwell of

Luke Fretwell of

Here and during interview and on discussion boards, I’ve offered GetSatisfaction and related socially empowered answer sites as better tools for handling customer complaints and suggestions for businesses and even schools. Add to that voting systems like Google Moderator and User Voice (this last being used at UNC – Chapel Hill for feedback on the ERP effort)

Luke Fretwell of govFresh writes a very well-argued piece. “GetSatisfaction: Tips for engaging citizens in gov 2.0” at doing a great job of expanding that same idea in the context of Gov 2.0.

Luke interviewed GetSatisfaction CEO Wendy Lea a few days ago at govFresh on the same topic. Also a good read.

What’s so great about these systems? #noemail of course. But more the technology does what the users and the providers actually want to see happen in a nice clean way. No convoluted emails or mis-sorted trouble tickets.

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