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I spent this morning and early afternoon in Carrboro as I’m often want to do. Why: Farmer’s Market, Weaver Street (with Rick Hermanson sandsculpture), WCOM, Carolina Fitness, and discovering the goodness of the Johnny’s “complex” on West Main Street.

Johnny’s now has a good Tienda/marcado in front, a nice coffee and pastry etc shop in the rear. truck on the side lot on Saturdays (until 2pm), and a great taco truck in the evenings — where I last got barbecued lamb tacos.

BrianR and I sat beside the coffee shop with coffee and crepes whilst he told me of his plans for Carrboro Coworking — which just got a nice small business loan.

In front of us in line were Able and Julia Parris — she photogs and blogs here and abroad.

That’s the Paris of the Piedmont for sure. Beautifully mundane.


  1. If Carrberia is the ‘Paris of the Piedmont’, I suppose that makes Hillsborough the [blank] of the piedmont.

    One word answers only.

  2. Johnny’s complex? You’ll have to take picture next time for us one-time Piedmont Parisians.

  3. Paul

    6/21/2008 at 8:10 pm

    Johnny’s is Johnny’s Sporting Goods. The old bait store on West Main down across from High Street. At the end of Johnny’s reign, he had moved to the back of that old white board house and leased the small front to a tienda.

    Now the front is the tienda, the back is Neil’s coffee shop with a nice deck. the west side of the parking lot — still gravel and dust –is the crepe truck on saturdays. and in the evenings the east side of the parking lot is the taco truck — with all the right meats, tongue, etc and a mysterious consume that every Spanish speaker seemed to be ordering first.

    Check out StreetView,+N+Carolina&fb=1&cid=14112008244945639696&li=lmd&ll=35.919292,-79.087551&spn=0.006916,0.018797&z=16&layer=c&cbll=35.915842,-79.08675&panoid=K1EzTxs5AfU3soPuj3A0pw&cbp=1,571.7709688984309,,0,5 You have to travel west a couple of clicks but you’ll see the old white house and a few cars. There has been a face lift of a sort since this picture.

  4. Paul

    6/21/2008 at 9:08 pm

    Hillsborough – The Town That Kept Its UGH!

  5. Carrboro – The Town That Kept It’s Hippies!

  6. Paul

    6/23/2008 at 7:15 pm

    I wish that were true about Carrboro; it’s much more true, keeping hippies, about Asheville and Boone. Carrboro is more post-punk these days.

  7. Thanks, ill be sure to cross those towns off my list. i just got my hillsborough weaver street t-shirt, and that reminds me: did you get to look at my movie? life in hillsborough has its little excitements, too. they just happen to occur in wooded areas —

    is noisemusic post-punk or post-post-post-raisin bran?

  8. Paul

    6/24/2008 at 3:41 pm

    Post Punk == Manchester sound and scene. About the movie: I didn’t see any hippies there. I thought you were in SC these days. Are you back in The Town That Kept Its UGH?

  9. RIP John Peel. I listened to his show weekly in BDA. Teenage Kicks. The Fall. I cant listen to any of the old tapes (I recorded the shows), hearing his voice. Nouvelle Vague. Solex. Melt Banana!!!!! The Fall. Every week, something new.

    In re: The Caretaker, it was the worst insult i could think of to call those ex-cons hippies. That was filmed at Crazyland, which we still happily occupy, waiting patiently for the pink unicorns to buy the company and make us all moderately well to do, so that i can leave the evil industry I support before it destroys society entirely.

    I guess Im Post Punk, since I used to be a punker and now im post-being-a-punker. Shaved head, dog collar, army boots, stealing sardines from the grocery to survive, terrified neighbors. TV Party Tonight!

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