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Paul Jones has published poetry in many journals including Poetry, Hudson Review, River Heron Review, Broadkill Review, and North Carolina Literary Review as well as in cookbooks, in travel anthologies, in collections about passion, love, and in The Best American Erotic Poems: 1800 – Present. Recently, he was nominated for two Pushcart Prizes and two Best of the Web Awards. His chapbook is What the Welsh and Chinese Have in Common.
A manuscript of his poems crashed on the moon’s surface in 2019.
His book, Something Wonderful, became available in November 2021 from RedHawk Publications (and your favorite bookstore).
In November 2021, Jones was inducted into the NC State Computer Science Hall of Fame.
Jones is Vice President of the Board of Trustees of the North Carolina Writers Network and a member of the Carrboro Poets Council.

Detailed poetry publications from May 2020 to present.

I am now:
Vice President of the Board of Trustees of North Carolina Writers Network

Member of The Founders Advisory Council for The Arch Mission FoundationOur mission is to preserve and disseminate humanity’s most important information across time and space, for the benefit of future generations.

Prior to my retirement on July 1, 2020, I held three positions at UNC-Chapel Hill:
Clinical Professor at the School of Information & Library Science
Director of
Director of the Masters Program in Information Science at UNC SILS

In the past, I have also been:
Clinical Professor at the School of Media & Journalism
Strategic Consultant, Informatics at IntraHealth International
Board Member At Large of the N C Poetry Society
Member of the Advisory Board for the Irish Tech Society

For more see my LinkedIn profile.

I am easily contacted on most social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) as smalljones and on Mastodon as @smalljones at Although I gave up email on June 1, 2011, an email sent to will return a reply with an extensive list of ways that you might reach me or perhaps I’ll answer in person after some delay. I will also answer my phone or, if unavailable at the time of your call, will return your call.

More detailed information about my teaching, work, publications and service at my CV

I’ve been publishing poetry since high school (then in underground presses like Inquisition) and later in many other journals and anthologies.

In 1990, I won the North Carolina Writers’ Network Chapbook Award for What the Welsh and Chinese Have In Common. I made an online version of the book in 1993 after physical copies sold out.

I also edited and wrote the headnotes for the Raymond Carver entry in the Heath Anthology of American Literature and wrote the workbook section on Carver.

Paul Jones in Chronicle of Higher Education


  1. George Dance

    My name is George Dance; I operate a poetry wiki, Penny’s Poetry Pages. I recently added an article on the Internet Poetry Archive, and links to its poems on the articles on the individual poets archived. I was hoping to add a brief article on you, but not this brief; I can’t find any biographical information on you at all. Can you help by directing me to, or providing me with, something I can use to construct an article? Any assistance you can give me will be appreciated.

  2. Paul

    I’ll be glad to provide more and more literary than the above if you like. The Vitae is a start or:

    Paul Jones has published poems widely (and narrowly) for many years. His poems have appeared in Poetry (Chicago), Ironwood, and Georgia Review among others. He has been a recipient of a North Carolina Arts Council Fellowship, the Carolina Quarterly Poetry Prize, the North Carolina Writers Network Chapbook Competition as well as prizes from Southern Humanities Review, Hellas and others.
    Recently his poems have been included in a cookbook (“Sound Of Poets Cooking” Jacar Press), two travel books (“Literary Trails of the North Carolina Piedmont” UNC Press and “27 Views of Chapel Hill” Eno Publishers) and in “Best American Erotic Poems: 1800 – Present” (Scribner).

    FB or G+ me as smalljones if you’d like to use something else or need more info.

  3. Lori Guidos


    Nice meeting you and your family last week at the archive.

    I am having problems accessing the FAQ on the IBiblio.Org website.



  4. Paul

    Try it’s working from here

  5. Luciano Mangiafico

    Paul, it was very nice meeting you, Sally, and your brilliant offspring the other night. Hopefully, we will be in touch from time to time.
    As you recall, over dinner we were talking about Ezra Pound. You may enjoy the edited version of a much longer piece I had written about him, which was published in Open Letters Monthly in November 2012. A link is enclosed.

  6. Paul

    Thanks for the great conversation and companionship and for the pointer to your Ezra Pound article. I’ve had a chance to read it and loved the details and how it filled in so many blanks in what I knew of Pound’s time in Italy. I look forward to reading your other articles there in Open Letters.

  7. Elizabeth Marin

    Hello Paul Jones.

    I sent a brief e-mail to you years ago which continues to haunt me – Louis St. Louis reviewed one of my shows at Tyndall Gallery. One comment was reference to a martini/valium-esque essence in my work etc. It was elegant and respectful. I wanted to share his generosity towards me with others… My post was written in concert with comments preceding mine in your thread- specifically those which referred to his eclectic manner, dress, way of being, speaking, etc.
    I have had many reviews, but none quite like his. My sharing was not an attempt to posit myself as subject OR gain attention for my own work. I am neither pathetic, selfish or unconsciousness, yet in my mind , and others as well, someone reviewing their own show in a discussion of anothers could be perceived as such.
    I was just another person sharing their respect and admiration for Louis St.Louis.

    “Why Elizabeth, are you reviewing your own paintings…?” And it continues, quickly deteriorating into a moment of SNL humiliation and ridicule.

    Your response might have been acceptable, and even funny, in an appropriate environment; e.g. a seminar on semiotics, polemics, linguistic structures, modern discursive paradigms. ETC. – a cup of coffee even. After all, you were clear in further pointing out that you owned one of my pieces, and coffee was your venue to viewing it. Instead, that moment years ago has affected my reputation as a painter and my integrity as a person. I am grateful that one of the people I recently sent to Google was so embarrassed for me that she felt she had to share with me what she found and the impact it had upon her. I doubt I will hear from her again.


    Elizabeth Marin

  8. Paul

    I enjoy coffee. I enjoy your paintings. I enjoy Louis St Lewis. I enjoy Tyndall Galleries. I don’t do email. I don’t do “seminar(s) on semiotics, polemics, linguistic structures, modern discursive paradigms. ETC.”
    Peace out.

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