Evil Email from civin.org

TechCrunch‘s MG Siegler has been very open about his distaste/hatred of email in the past few weeks. Now he’s pulling out entirely as he announced on Twitter and in an article, “Iím Quitting Email” last night. He’s only signing off for the rest of July. But if we encourage him maybe he’ll be challenging Luis Suarez’s three years Living in a World Without Email (#lwwe) and counting.

In the meantime, IT World‘s Dan Tynan decided to answer every email in his inbox for a week and ended up in Seven Days In Email Hell!

I find Dan the more daring of the two. Yikes! I’d be replying to 150+ emails a day plus an equal amount of spam if I tried that — even after getting off of a bunch of mailing lists (thanks RSS) and the folks who read and followed the suggestions in my away message.

Google+ and writing about #noemail have probably taken up a lot of the time that I’ve reclaimed by doing #noemail — I say that as a joke but with some truth. I still need Freedom to get things done, but not as often.