A current net.meme is the 1977 music video of Tommy Seebach playing Apache. Yes it’s bad. Very bad. Scantily dressed Euro chicks dance as Indians around the fringed Seebach for far too long.

But this was not the end for Seebach. In 1979 when he won the Danish Melodi Grand Prix with Disco Tango and represented Denmark (his home which in part explains the unconvincing Indians and fringe) in the Eurovision Song Contest. Tommy was to represent Denmark in 1980 and 81. Tommy was one of only two bands to have won the the Danish Melodi Grand Prix three times.

He died of a heart attack brought on by alcoholism at age 53. Even though dead, he entered the Grand Prix in an entry that caused some scandal in 2004. A “Kopiband” called the “Tommy Seebach Show” tours Europe as well.

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