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Cheryl sent me a link to the art of El Rey; he has things you need to buy. He should not be confused with L. Ron or El Vis.
I’m be in the air most of the day heading east and wondering how an airplane food salad box can be offered for sale for $10 without the seller being overwhelmed by irony and guilt. No mid-air blogging expected.
During the CW Tux event last night, I got to meet and talk with Susan Best and Jim Buckmaster. Jim is CEO of Craig’s List which has within the last year or so appeared in the Triangle area. Susan does PR for several folks that I know but cannot list here for various reasons (the main one being my faculty memory).


  1. your “faculty memory” hehe.

  2. Isn’t faculty memory the most truly faulty?

  3. Small world… El Rey is my best friend Fred Einaudi’s roommate. Those of you in the Bay Area should check out their upcoming show at the Balazo Gallery in SFCA. Fred is a brilliant painter; I’m sure the other art on display will be similarly excellent.

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