3 public broadcasters: David Liroff (WGBH Vice President and Chief Technology Officer), Terry Heaton (President, DONATA™ Communication), Bill Buzenberg (Senior Vice President of News, American Public Media/ Minnesota Public Radio). Moderator: Chris Lydon (Host, Open Source from PRI).

demo of stuff from APM and MPR including their MinniWiki and Gather.com, Public Insight Journalism “on any given story, someone in the audience will always know more then we do” bill kling. database of 18,000 people in their database of experts. MPR writes to interested people on each topic during story development. 2 analysts go thru the responses and give to reporters. economic stories as an example (whose recovery is this?). northwest airlines stories. education achievement gap (includes ranking of responses by participants). future of small towns. what towns are growing which are dying. state budget emulator used by 11,000.

Donata communications. personal media and wkrn-tv (nashville). he tells broadcasters to listen. quotes glenn reyonds from “army of davids” disruption examples kodak and digital models. value props. media is unbundled at the source of creation but also in rebundling for personal consumption. mediated people make their own media. “the deer now have guns” when that happens you get into the ammunition business.
wkrn. 15 websites including two aggregators and blogs. coming screensaver, local news start page aggregator, branded reader. their aggregator collects over 400 nashville blogs and has a database of bloggers and they manage an ad network for the bloggers. nashville is talking is the aggregator.
weather blog is a killer.

WGBH. the power of connecting online and broadcast radio. stuff about podcasting and about their shows being found on google. wghb.org/forum an extension to the 1830s lectures sponsored by the Lowell Foundation. create a more engaged and active citizenry. cell phones to facilitate a story on native americans. public media org. onm.org
accessiblity issues noted. ncam. national center for accessible media. wraps with andy grove’s “only the paraniod survive” stategic inflection point when change is unavoidable and action is desperately required. “we can’t broadcast our way out of this one” jazz hosts now have a jazz blog at wgbh.org and they are unvetted by the experts (GBH is Great Blue Hill the location of the station).

??s nod to craig’s list as the unexpected. business wants risk-free advice. but there is none as yet. is the internet the new public? yes says donata guy.

if the internet is the new public is it all white (asks a white guy) who is engaged and wants the digital divide addressed. feels uneasy that women have yet to be on the panel. a bit about black involvement and inclusion.

tv-ontatio guy. on any given story, someone will know more — but not everyone and not everyone who responds. how does the analyst work? minnesota guy responds about how they use their database.

one to few more likely than many to many or even one to many. broadcasters are just coopting the insurectionists?? donata is not a huge podcasting supporter. local innovation will be the place to work. (low power fm?)

you now relate to the public instead of an audience. so what is the new financial basis? subscription services? a bit about net neutrality. quote of mtv “it’s coming, it’s here, it’s gone”

rebecca mckinnon – digital divide including public media helping provide access to the internet. panelists say yes and cite how they used internet to get divided folks involved (tautology here)

cobert mentioned. flourished on the net. died in the times.

kennedy school guy pitches for literacy and even phones. lots of stats. and the question of what to be done: provide literacy and a giant wireless cloud by gubermint. macaddict magazine talks about translation. finally a ? what policies should and could lead to universal services. donata says that we need to learn more and to fix society. net is a great hope but is not the problem but a possible solution set.

changing revenue models, by shawn of npr, how about openning the database and linking back out instead of harvesting stuff and editting it? minnesota person defends.

michael of dotsub. says that the internet is not just white male americans. most of the net is outside the usa. pitches dotsub as a translation service. missed the ? here if there is one.

what will the future be for someone born literally yesterday? wgbh guy asks. no one knows. we need to engage kids.