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Best of NextFest

Quickly before I hit the sack. The Best of NextFest were for me:

  • Philip K Dick robot from Hanson Robotics, Fedex Institute of Technology at University of Memphis, and UTexas-Arlington ARRI
  • Panoscope 360 from University of Montreal (elumens dome turned to a dish)
  • Chroino from Kyoto University’s Robo Garage
  • Mobile Feelings from Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences
  • Moller Skycar from Moller International
  • Innespace Dolphin from Innespace
  • Robolobster from Northeastern University
  • Saturn Sky (sportscar) from Saturn

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  1. The skycar is a joke, but Moller seems to be making a small fortune off the idea. I wonder if his stock holders know where thier money is going?

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