Tom Gerace (, Thomas Kriese (Omidyar Network), Brendan Greeley (Radio Open Source), Rhea Mokund ( Moderator: Ethan Zuckerman (Global Voices, Berkman Center).

Ethan telling us that networked computers are all about communications. he talks about the IMP, the first listserv, the first BBS which he says is 1978. USEnet 1979. MUDs 1979. 1982 minitel and the chess program with a chat feature which became used for flirting. 1990 www at cern. 1997 weblogs (?). well i’m no sure of all these dates. 1995 wiki. 2001 wikipedia. why are we suddenly concerned about community (shows powercurve).

gather pitch including value proposition. content creation,. apply editorial oversight and content selection, guide the community engaged in discussion. see question tool.

Dan Gillmor has links to Flickr etc.

these computer and community mediated sites are stabbing at understanding social capital theory without having read or considered it as useful. what would happen if before acting on your assumptions independent of theory and research, if you first read and considered the vast existing work on social capital?

video production. pitched. supported by

omidyar network. community self-management. 400$ M. community.