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BitTorrent @ ibiblio (Osprey)

John Reuning and TJ have been working hard at getting set up. This is the central site for getting bittorrent downloads of material from ibiblio. What Osprey, the software that drives, adds to BitTorrent is a perma-seed so that there is always a seeded torrent available of the listed material from our tracker and structured and managed metadata to allow you to understand what is in each torrent.

The site will allow ibiblio contributors to create, describe and manage their own torrents and will allow folks who want to get material from ibiblio an easy way to find the material and a reliable way to get a torrent going in case the material is suddenly highly in demand.

The goal is to make ibiblio torrents easy to install, easy to discover, reliable, authoratative and accountable — and of course legal.
Among the existing torrents are videos of talks given by Larry Lessig (1998), Eben Moglen (2001), Roblimo (aka Robin Miller), Cory Doctorow (2004), Doc Searls (2004), Dan Gillmor (2005) and others, DVD images of all of Project Gutenberg, Eclipse tools, rpath Linux, Fedora Linux,


  1. Absolutely fantastic. Thank your crew Paul for all the hard work.

  2. exactly what we need!
    thank you guys!

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