Ed Cone

Ed Cone

Ed Cone at Ziff Davis’ Bottomline blog gives #noemail some attention as he writes “#noemail Meets #LessFacebook”.

Ed discusses how he manages his time and activities and privacy — especially as regards to Facebook — then confesses:

Email I need to keep for a while, although practically the only reason my own kids still use it is to trade messages with their parents, grandmother, and other aging authority figures. UPDATE: I’m not crazy about some of the alternatives, either. Paul tweets that we might talk via blog posts, Skype, or IM — but blogs are public, Skype is a hassle, and IM is annoying.

Paul and I are feeling different parts of the elephant. We’re not going Luddite, or moving to Walden pond in search of some more authentic experience, we’re trying to figure out the best way to communicate and to stay productive as technology continues to change. If your company isn’t having some version of this conversation, it should be.

Ed nails it in the final paragraph. #noemail, or in Ed’s case #LessFacebook, isn’t about leaving emerging technologies, but about exploring emerging technologies.

And Ed, I didn’t say you had to use Skype; only that it is one option that some people like. ;->

I reply to some confused commenters about technology and social differences between email and others, supposed email privacy, and becoming a file clerk for email ephemera.