Brainstorm survey: What tech leaders want

We asked attendees at our upcoming conference three questions. The answers show tech industry leaders are deeply engaged with big social problems, and optimistic that tech can help.

By David Kirkpatrick, senior editor

NEW YORK (Fortune) — As the iPhone 3G emerges, Apple’s mobile device has captivated the leaders of the tech industry. That’s the most certain conclusion Fortune reached after surveying 325 industry leaders who will be attending our Brainstorm Tech conference July 21-23.

The three questions: 1) What is the most exciting technology innovation you’ve seen in the past 12 months? 2) What is your biggest hope or fear for the future, and how does tech relate to it? and 3) What should the top priority be for the next U.S. president?

An astonishing number – about half – said the iPhone was the most exciting thing they’d seen. Otherwise, answers were kaleidoscopic. Here are some of them.


Priority for next U.S. president

“Bring access to health care in the U.S. up to the global standard.” – Paul Jones, creator,