The Brain upgrade of my PT made no difference. I drove to Raleigh on Saturday only to have the car stall at the first stoplight. The trip home was a repeat performance. Drive for 20 minutes on the Interstate. Stall at the first light after getting off. Crank for about 3 – 5 minutes to get restarted. Air con is not a factor one way or the other.

We left the PT at home and took the Saturn to the mountains. But hey this stall is contagious. Sally had had a part replaced about a month ago when the Saturn was dying in much the same way that the PT has been doing. Her car worked great since then. But as soon as we turned off the Interstate for lunch, the Saturn stalled out. Repeat as soon as we hit Asheville. Yikes!

Part of our vacation here will be at the Saturn dealer. Could it be the ignition coil (like the CarTalk guys guess here)?