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Communities in IBM developerWorks

Michael O'ConnellThanks to IBM developerWorks Editor-in-Chief Michael O’Connell for the nice words about our J-School seminar on Virtual Communities. Michael was in the very first version of the seminar. We’ve come a long ways as has the idea of online communities and social capital and social networking. I’m using some of the basic ideas for creating conversation for my recent talks — at Berry College, on Open Source for the Office of Technology and Development and for an internal talk with News and Observer reporters. I learned all I know from the folks in the seminars and in the communities (and from the the good researchers who wrote the texts we use in class).


  1. Many thanks Paul. Like you, I will soon (spring 2007 semester) be learning from the instructor perspective as I follow your example, as well as the example of fellow my colleague Rawn Shah at IBM developerWorks, by leading a university course that explores online communities. I’m looking forward to it (and hope you will not mind when I ping you for advice).

  2. Paul

    11/1/2006 at 11:48 am

    Holler any time. I’m still trying to understand the best way to teach the class myself ;->

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