The pictures are up! (I also found pictures I took at the Commons Launch in 2002). And there are many good folks whose picture I didn’t take: Glenn Otis Brown (CC Director) and his mom, Neeru Paharia (also of Commons), Diane Cabell, Laurie Racine (Center for the Public Domain), John “maddog” Hall (Linux International), John Perry Barlow, more of the bands, Warren-Wilson alumna Lauren Yaffe and her husband, many more. Great conversations and wonderful music. Fear not! There were wired photographers all over the place so I’m sure we’ll see some shots of the night in the upcoming Wired (November 04), but mine will have to do for now.
Gil is a voracious recreater of music. His versions of Imagine, No Woman No Cry, Chuck Berry Fields Forever, etc were completely new and inventive works. His instrumentation was also eclectic: accordian, banjo, various percussions (two players), mandolin, various guitars plus his own electric solid body.
Byrne had the Tosca String (of Austin Texas) along with his band. He not only played from his new CD but also the Hits (Psycho Killer, Life During War Time, etc).
The bands played together at transition and at the finale. The last song being “Don’t Fence Me In” for the Creative Commons.
The whole place was bopping just a short ways into Byrne’s set (I wondered sillily if he could top Gil; both are great and quite different).
Wired photographers were everywhere — so keep an eye out for the November Wired due out late October I believe. That issue will include a CD of music licensed under the Creative Commons license. Listening to mine now (see earlier post for listings).
Lessig announced that the Byrne/Eno collaboration, “My Life in the Bush with Ghosts,” will be rereleased soon. The collection will be covered by standard copyright, so you cannot I assume pirate and sell bootleg copies, but the individual tracks will be covered by the Creative Commons licenses (I’m guessing the same Sampling freedoms as the Wired CD).
I noticed that the Wired CD was already registered and described in the CDDB when I popped it into iTunes early this morning.