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Cubed Roots?

Fall comes to the Carrboro Farmers Market and with the sudden cool wet weather comes a harvest of root vegetables. I’ve taken those roots and made salads using the greens and roots, made soups and gumbos, roasted and baked them, but I wanted to try something different — crunchy, but not raw; mixed but still with unique flavors, spiced some.

My solution was to dice several roots, stir fry them for differing amounts of time depending on how crunchy or squishy they should be, spice them some and eat ’em up.

My plan for this week is to use garlic then onion then ginger to flavor the oil then add small cubes of sweet potato, turnip, golden beet (red turn it all red and I want some color effect), carrots and stir fry to slow cook the root concoction and add some seasonal spice like basil, rosemary or marjoram.

Looking for other suggestions and experiences.


  1. I like to do roasted root vegetables, but they come out softish, not crunchy. Toss with olive oil, garlic, rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper. Spread out single layer on cookie sheet or roasting pan with space inbetween so all sides get some color. 400 degrees until done, approx 45 minutes depending on size of cubes.

  2. Spence Foscue

    10/13/2009 at 1:48 pm

    If stir frying start out with the carrots as they take longer (you may already be aware). I have found that fish sauce is great for any stir fry but especially when you add greens. I humbly suggest that you add the turnip greens or others at the end for additional color/nutrients. Also a dash of light vinegar.

    The roasted way as above is also recommended especially when the weather turns cool.

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