danah at ibiblio
Ken gets the credit as he deserves. He said, “Hey, I think Boing Boing readers would like to see the video of the talk that danah boyd just gave here.”

Then he wrote Cory.

Now the talk is Boing Boing-ed in this article.

Ken says:
“danah boyd, the latest speaker in the ibiblio.org speaker series, is up on the ibiblio.org web site. In this talk, she gives an awesome, in depth talk on social networks and why people are using them. She touches on the history of social networks, how the online communities came into being, and some of the forces working on them today.”

Cory says:
“There’s no better speaker on social networks than danah boyd — prepare to have your mind blown.”

Fred is the man behind the visit. Thanks to him especially for setting it all up.