David is from the Duke New Bureau and is discussing RSS. He uses the personalized Google page with a lot of RRS feeds mostly of publications local and national. He points out that he doesn’t really go to the home pages of these publications, but that he builds his “personal newspaper.” Showing Charlotte Observer feeds page, NandO’s, WashPost, News and Record, etc. But now about personal publishing via RSS shows NCSU , UNC and Duke have feeds as does the NC Zoo. Next an aggregator. A mention of Tagging. Now about how Duke can use RSS to aggregate campus news sites like depts, schools, police etc.
Presenting about jobs and auto sales in the context of classifieds. Now Greensboro.com and personal blogs. He pops over to NPR and UFla for podcasts, Eat Food, and University Channel (at Princeton).
Is News Free? A bit about branding and about how articles stand on their own. Faster news cycle. Not geo-constricted. Alternative content sources challenge but also collaboration.