The Washington Post (and about everywhere else) reports that Bob Dylan has signed on to do a show on satellite radio, XM.

The XM site says:

Bob Dylan on XM
Coming in March 2006 to Deep Tracks – XM 40

While Bob Dylan defines the poetry and imagination of our era, his radio program will humbly explore the music that moves him and engage the people who need to be heard. Without any boundaries or playlists, Bob’s show will cross genres and offer a peek into the musical soul of one of the most important songwriters and artists of the 20th Century. More show details coming soon.

XM is already airing fellow Traveling Wilbury Tom Petty weekly.

After spending hours in the car with the abridged version of Chronicles as read by Sean Penn (Thanks for the loan, Sri), I can only imagine Dylan as sounding like Penn on the CDs. And after hearing how Dylan completely rearranges almost every song of his own, I’m wondering what will end up being played and what versions. Of course this is the delight of Dylan — and in some cases the pain. He’s an eclectic and enigmatic presenter.

Will this push me over to paying for radio tho? Will it be the deciding factor for you?