Drove out to lovely Saxapahaw, NC down on the river where the old mill is being turned in to apartments and studios and where there is a little farmer’s market and live music. Tonight the sound was Django Haskins solo. Since Tucker and I are fanboys and had seen Django live, we were glad to get out there when the show was early (before my bedtime) and outside (and so an all ages show). We immediately ran into Marcy Rice Smith (the second time we’ve ever met) who is my poetry editor at News and Observer. Marcy and her family were there to Stitch and B and to cover crafts (with Wimi).

Sally picked up a giant metal flower made by John Amero which looks great in the yard already.

Django is a very active performer even without a band. He played no instrument other than an amp-ed up guitar. But he got a good variety of sound out of that old box.

Set list as best I could get:
Pieces of Me
Radio Religion
Morning Glories
American Romeo
Closed Forever (???)
Never Felt Better
State Road Valentine
I’m So Sorry (in Chinese)
Hand to Mouth (from his International Orange days)
Talk Straight
Let’s Get To Love

God Said I Could Have You
We First Met Again Today
Afraid of Love
Blood and Oil
Boomerang (with audience as chorus)
As the plane went down (not the title I think)
Green Grass of Elsewhere
Dumbdown (with audience as chorus)

UPDATE: Sally has some good pictures on her Greenespace blog.

UPDATE: Marcy and Wimi have pictures of their visit at Marcy’s Notions blog.