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Dropping disk costs and new disk tech

The legendary personal petabytes are on the way. P2P reports that Colossal Storage’s Michael Thomas has new technology that will allow the cost of a petabyte to drop to under $800 per. Thomas predicts, among other things, that this advance would spell the end of compressed data.


  1. There is also the inevitable slashdot thread on the “PP”, where the piranhas do a fine job picking the bones of this one clean. Personal favourite quote from the P2P article:

    Thomas is a 30-year pioneer whose projects include a computer with a 3D display, instant response, able to run every available OS and application simultaneously, virtually no power consumption or moving parts and complete security – and whose physical component is about the size of a pack of playing cards.

  2. Paul

    2/18/2006 at 8:19 am

    Hmmm. Maybe this odd bit of physics by some accident explains why there can’t be a personal transportable petabyte.

    In a coincidence, a veteran journalist sent me a link with this note “In 1954, scientists at the RAND corporation built a model to show what a home computer would look like in 50 years

    As Snopes (and others) explains, it is really a great entry to a photoshop contest. Fooled Scott McNealy back in 2004 though (via CNet).

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