Chris DiBona, who is now OpenSource Project manager at Google, announced Note that Google is using SourceForge to host their open projects. Chris named SourceForge back in the day. We still run a SourceForge download mirror on

Larry Lessig announced that his book, Code, will be available for update via wiki beginning today (hosted by JotSpot)

Odeo the podcasting company presented (but not live or even in Beta quite yet).

BBC’s Paula Le Dieu will be heading up the Creative Commons International efforts from London.

Jeff Bezos announced and demoed’s openSearch.

Yahoo Tech Labs announced the Tech Buzz Market Game.

O’Reilly announced their new Where Conference to take place June 29 – 30 in SFO. It will:

explore the emerging consumer and enterprise ecosystems around location-aware technologies–ecosystems that increasingly impact the way we work and play. Location-determining technologies like GPS, RFID, WLAN, cellular networks and networked sensors enable an ever-growing array of capabilities from local search, mapping, and business analytics to enterprise integration, commercial applications, and software infrastructure.

Bloglines/Ask Jeeves purchase explained. (in more details that the article that I linked to there).