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eTech – day one

I wasn’t on the elevator when it stalled with Doc, Steve Gillmor and Justin on board. That was definitely an upside of the conference. Each of them had an amusing version of the maybe 15 minutes of terror.

I was there to see Jeff Bezos click on YES when his computer prompted him that “Software update available install now?” I was amongst the ones shouting NO! Jeff went on to announce A9’s open search.

I was there when the folks from Yahoo! and O’Reilly announced the release of the Tech Buzz Game “a fantasy prediction market for high-tech products, concepts, and trends.”

I was delighted by Danny Hillis’ (of Applied Minds and founder of Thinking Machines) robots, maps, and highly modified H2.

There is more to say about today, but I’m competely pooped and others have some good initial takes down here.

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  1. it was more like 3 minutes, but yeah it was pretty dope.

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