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Flyover flub?

I never heard the flyover on Saturday. I think I must have been in the University Mall at the second of the Saturday Flyover. Tucker and Sally heard it, but they said it was nothing like the experience that we each had in different parts of town on Thursday.
That day there were six or more passes at the Stadium from different approaches. Over Tucker’s school, over Carrboro, down Morgan Creek, and at least three times over campus in different directions.
Saturday – maybe one pass?
The flyovers generated a lot of attention on OP and on our neighborhood mailing list on Thursday. No one mentioned the Saturday flyover at all either place.


  1. Paul, I heard it. It was very short and sweet.

  2. A little flyover. Hmmmph.

    Well Paul, as you know, they do things differently here in Switzerland. A few years ago, one fine summer Saturday morning, the Swiss Army showed up at my door (the officer speaking far better English and infinitely better French than I do), and asked if they could set up some equipment and practice with in my back yard.

    Mortars. *Big* mortars. At least they asked – even though technically they weren’t really in my back yard – they were in a parking lot next door.

    They didn’t fire them, but they practiced….. I guess they were setting up ranges to the Land of Cheap Medicine, should they ever invade (the French border is just across the street from my place). They gave me a pretty good bottle of Swiss white wine, though. I drank it while I watched them.

    You routinely see young guys in uniform carrying their Stgw 90’s (or whatever they call it – the Swiss Army rifle – all the men have one) on the busses and trains during the summer – it’s a bit unnerving sometimes, especially if they’ve been drinking and there are 20 of them….

    Heck, a little flyover is *nothing* – that doesn’t even rate a comment here in the land of $6.30 a gallon gas. Of course, they also drive whole herds of cows wearing fancy floral headdresses and enormous cow-bells down my street to and from summer pasture on 2 Saturdays a year at 6 am as well. Now *that’s* worth watching (it’s not possible to sleep through it).

  3. I was at the car wash on Franklin and Merritt Mill, and definitely heard and saw it around perhaps 1:30(?). Four planes, very low altitude, very loud, traveling SE – presumably towards Kenan.

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