Just back from a great ceremony and party for Fred and Chelcy’s wedding. Besides the obvious main and wonderful attraction — the wedding — the chat and fellowship after during the reception brought us to some new friends and to some old.

I learned that Maverick Farm is the place we’ve been driving by at the bottom of the valley all week. Sara Safransky is one of the folks running it even though she’s also a grad student at Chapel Hill.

Hap Kindem whose wonderful documentary about the Speaker Ban Law Sally and I both enjoyed told us about filming the Paralympics in Norway.

Cece Conway talked about the new Smithsonian/Folksways release of African-Amercian Banjo players that she has upcoming as a follow up to her Black Banjo Songsters of North Carolina and Virginia.

Butch Lazorchak tried to get Tucker and me to explain the Prisoner’s Dilemma too late in the course of the party for us to make much sense.

Much more but I’m getting very sleepy.