A couple of years back, I was named Best Geek in the Triangle by the Independent Weekly. Not Bermuda Triangle, but Research Triangle, NC.
This year, the Indy has extended the definition of Geek to include scholars, a Jazz DJ, and a contributor to Wikipedia. Eight in all. Many folks who I know and admire and several who I’m glad to learn about. Imagine being a specialist in hog waste! That’s one skill that is easily transferable to other fields I’m sure.
So Larry Thomas (the coolest Jazz dj), Seth Ilys (Wikipedia contributor), Jim Johnson (Urban Investments Strategist and economic geographer), Sarah Shields (historian of the Middle East), Mike Williams (scholar of Hog Waste), Rich Superfine (physicist and great teacher), JoAnn Burkholder (Pfiesteria specialist), and Henry Petroski (poet and historian of engineering and design) welcome to Geekdom!