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Geek Irony at NewsWeek

The current NewsWeek, with cover story “Putting the We in WEb,” has a “How Geeky Are You? Quiz.” The quiz doesn’t show on the second most geeky of all combinations, Mac OSX and FireFox, and it tries to send you a pop-up advert!
This is sad.
Note: Newsweek is hosted by MSNBC.
UPDATE: Doesn’t work with Safari either.
UPDATE 2: Doesn’t work on Windoz with FireFox (Thanks Sayan for the Windoz testing)
UPDATE 3: Does work with Internet Exploiter on Windoz after sending a bunch of pop-up adverts.
UPDATE 4: Selffulfilling question:

19. Which Web browser do you use most at home? Explorer
I wrote my own
What’s a Web browser?

UPDATE 5: Doesn’t render the quiz on Firefox 1.5 over Linux. (thanks DLS)

UPDATE 5.1a: the round-robin advert under what would have been the quiz depicts a very non-geeky Triceritops in a suit inviting us to explore the absolutely-devoid-of-geekdom Microsoft Office calendar.

UPDATE 6: Doesn’t work with Moz or FF in Linux (Thank Roblimo).

BOTTOM LINE: If you can take the quiz, you are not a geek.

UPDATE XXX: MCNBC just added a one line, “Click here to start the quiz”

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  1. works under Mozilla/Linux now… buncha d*mn cell phone questions.. who wants to be bothered 24×7? they sure could have used “none of the above” in a lot of those..
    nerdy? where’d that come from? the gall of these twits…

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