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Geek’s Guide to Understanding Women

One of the amusements of being on the staff/board of the Linux Documentation Project is that we get documents that proport to be of interest to Linux folks that are actually odd looks-into the undeveloped minds of the authors. Often I cannot tell irony from confusion, humor from confession, insight from misstep.

One such document arrived today from (confused, confessing, or comprehensive) Canadian author, Dustin Harriman.

This 25-page HOWTO is called:
“Female Protocol HOWTO: A Geek’s Guide to Understanding Women”
Download the OpenOffice Document here
…or, alternatively there is an online HTML version here

This somehow syncs with the “meet-up” and “life on Mars” articles today.


  1. I didn’t actually read it, but so far I love the titles!

    “2.1.2. Women have vaginas”

    “6.7. Door management”

  2. OK, I started reading it and it’s really funny. Thank you, Paul!

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