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Google Map overestimates OBX trip time

With the blazing new roads that now take us to the Lone Cedar Restaurant at legal speeds of up to 70 mph, the trip out to Ocracoke is a much faster one than advertized. Of course the reduced ferry schedule nearly makes up for the time savings. We made it to the Ocracoke – Hatteras ferry at 4 past 7 am this morning. In time to see the ferry round the end of the island. The next ferry was at 8 am. Luckily the friendly station mistress was generous enough to share some of her coffee and some talk.
We still made it to Chapel Hill in record (for us) time and in time for Tucker to get to his afternoon meeting.


  1. Something that we have with desktop mapping software (like Streets and Trips, for ex.) is the ablity to set a preference for how fast you’ll be going on a given road type. I’m suprise that niehter Google or Yahoo (with it’s pretty cool Maps Beta) allows for this prefence to be set and used for trip time calculations.

  2. Sad news. Lone Cedar burned down this morning. Many of the local blogs have posted pictures of the remains but there is not much to see. The Basnights have stated that they will re-build but we are going to sorely miss a great restaurant.

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