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Google opens, SAS cuts, MSFT slices

Google opened their new North Carolina Datacenter in Lenoir this morning.

SAS cutting jobs: Cary-based SAS is cutting more than a dozen positions from its education division as the company looks to reorganize that unit.

Microsoft ends Live Search Book and Live Search Academic as well as their library book scanning project. Both sites will be taken down next week.


  1. Choice quote: “Gov. Mike Easley made his first appearance in Caldwell County in four years.” Maybe I’m naive, but if I was mayor, I’d be traveling all over the state, all the time…

  2. Of course I meant, if I was gov’nor.

  3. Paul

    5/23/2008 at 8:41 pm

    You don’t know Gov Easley. When he started stumping for HRC, everyone wondered who that man was on stage with her. He is active in governing but not so action is appearing in the role of Governor.

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