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Green, Open and NC == IW3C2?

Spent today with NCSU’s Michael Rappa and Kathy Green looking over the new, and still under construction, Raleigh Convention Center. Finally a place in the Triangle that can really handle a conference like the International World Wide Web Consortium Conference 2010.

We’re just beginning the basic conference planning, but we’ll be looking for volunteers, sponsors and for ideas for the Late April 2010 conference in Raleigh. We’re planning around the themes of Green (we’d like this conference to be aware of environmental impact and plan with conservation and reuse in mind), Open (like the Web, like Linux and like several Triangle area companies and their products), North Carolina (yes some of the true Q will be served but more than that), and of course the Web.

If you have ideas and/or are you are interested, leave a comment, a tweet, a FB message or an email — or speak to me in person.


  1. Just remember, everything is better with cake! Well, perhaps not green cake, but you get the idea.

  2. Is the Center too big and expensive for a future edition of ScienceOnline09 (or 10, 11, 12)?

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