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Half-cocked still rocks

At the risk of being a David Menconi Fanboy, let me recommend his 1994 review of my neighbor Michael Galinsky‘s film “Half-cocked.” Michael and his then girl-friend now wife Suki Hawley made the film about an accidental indy band over a decade ago and it’s had strong underground/cult following since. The DVD is just out (last week) and showings are scheduled for various Triangle venues (see Menconi for listings).


  1. Any chance of getting Free Culture to do a screening? I’d put up some dough to help buy a copy. Would a screening on campus for a small group be Kosher?

    Time to go listen to some Stereolab…

  2. Paul

    2/19/2007 at 10:05 pm

    As wonderful as “Half-cocked” is it is not a Free Culture movie. It’s an indy film with a traditional license.

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