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Has Been – William Shatner

Yesterday, I wore a tan v-neck sweater with a black t under it. Jenny accused me of looking like William Shatner which is fine by me.

But I tried to explain how wonderful his CD Has Been is. When I told her he does a piece there with Henry Rollins she lost it completely. “I can’t get behind that” is wonderful yelling.

Then Kristina heard me listening to Shatner’s cover of “Common People” and couldn’t believe it. I love that one too.

The CD has Rollins, Joe Jackson, Brad Paisley, Aimee Mann and Lemon Jelly as guests on various songs. All arranged by Ben Folds.

A class act.


  1. Bought the album when it came out just for the Adrian Belew guitar work. I saw Henry Rollins come through in January 2004 doing one of his stand-up tours and talk about having just recorded the album over christmas break, and his wonderful admission (re: working with Adrian Belew) that “I’m a Trekkie for Crimson”.

  2. Paul

    1/18/2007 at 9:38 pm

    The music and arrangements are wonderful and Shatner is not doing jokes — exactly. Some wonderful stuff there most written by or credited to Shatner and Folds.

    Let Nemoy cringe in envy. Shatner is still the Captain.

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