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I Be Witchin’ ?

Bush’s bulge bothers bloggers, but I too seem to be transmitting. Or so I as told last night.
As Max and I were walking over to the Milosz Commemoration, we first passed sk8rz trying to go off the Manning Hall entry then take a 10 – 12 foot drop onto the brickwalk below. As a father of a son nearly the age of the suicidal sk8rz, I couldn’t stop to watch. But Max lingered.
I came to the crossroads at the center of the quad. There was a little cluster of folks who were looking intently at a woman in black. She in turn had her eyes closed in a sincere manner and her arms held in front of her. In her fists were two loosely held L-shaped metal rods. One in each hand. The rods swung back and forth but then homed in on me as I passed and followed me.
“You’ve got a strong field, man!” one shouted at me.
“Are you wearing a pace-maker?” asked another.
“I am full of artificial parts — none of which you need to know more about” I answered.
“Oh wow” said the woman in black.
I am not sure what that meant.
I pulled out my phone and took this shot so you can see I’m not inventing this story.


  1. These things only happen to you! I love the use of your phone-cam to grab a shot of the woman in blck. If I am ever cool enough to get one of those gizmos I will do the same. Adds to the immediacy of the medium.


  2. As for the “Bulge”….It was likely a kevlar vest….a President in wartime you know. It only takes one shot or bomb.


  3. Check this NY Times report on the Bush Campaign response to the Bulge

    Of special interest:

    “Nor was the bulge from a bulletproof vest, according to campaign and
    White House officials; they said Mr. Bush was not wearing one.

  4. New Theory. Was he wearing suspenders? That bulge (and the wrinkle making its way up his right shoulder) would be the right spot for the top of the leather piece where the two suspenders would come together??


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