Only old squares call this town Frisco, so it’s my place to do so. I even ate at the squarest restaraunt, Sears Fine Foods, which is right across the street from the extremely elegant yet tacky Sir Francis Drake where I am staying. What I like about Sears is that dispite (or perhaps because) that the ownership has changed, the place seems like a place where Damon Runyon would eat had he come to Frisco. Since it’s historic, it’s also tourist filled and overpriced — but I still end up there each trip out.
Union Square is a major shopping area. Macy’s takes up one side of the square. On the front of Macy’s is a giant smoke breathing dragon advertising their new Gardens of the Dragon restaraunt. A very elaborate front to say the least.
I’m off to the Square to meet up with former Metalabist, Cheryl Friedman, who now lives here. Here in her case is not Union Square, but greater San Francisco.
First sign of being in San Francisco. In the airport, a guy was standing there with a sign for his pick up “Ms Easy Rider.” He was wearing a white biker doo-rag, black steel toed boots, denim, and colors for a riding group that I couldn’t quite identify. No sign of Ms Easy tho only her sign.
UPDATE Okay it’s not a restaraunt. The Gardens of the Dragon is an in store flower show with an asian theme. some giant statues of buddhas and saints throughout the store resulting in some interesting scenes. a giant saint stands in the midst of some slightly larger than life manekins in the new summer dress section. the manekins all have a comic but distracted look. couples pass the manekins to have their small child picture taken with the saint (in Macy’s).