ibiblian alum Jesse Wilbur writes to let us know that the Institute for the Future of the Book, where he now works, is subject of the cover article on the current Library Journal, “The Social Life of Books.” A good read after or beside the Kevin Kelly article in Sunday’s NYTimes article.

Jesse also writes:

We’re launching GAM3R 7H30RY very soon, McKenzie Wark’s newest book (he also wrote The Hacker Manifesto). We’re putting it up online before it’s coming out in print. Plus we’ve done some interesting things with the interface to 1) test the form of a networked book, 2) support the unique structure of his book, 3) encourage discussion about Wark’s book and networked books in general.

Institute for the Future of the Book’s authoring tool, Sophie, which is described as “an open-source platform for creating and reading electronic books for the networked environment” is due to be released in July.

The Institute blog, if:book, is a rich resource among the articles are some by Jesse about “digital comics.”