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iPhone is in the house (but all is not happy)

I love the iPhone and Apple. I love not ATT. But my horoscope says:

Aquarius: When someone gets your order wrong, take it in stride. If you get all worked up, you’ll ruin both your day and that of the person who messed up, too.

I am striding and enjoying the iPhone and will sort out the ATT stuff on Monday


  1. While I know that many people waited outside stores for hours upon hours in an effort to be one of the first to secure themselves an Apple Iphone, I left work and went to a Triangle AT&T store and purchased one with no problem.

    Want to learn about how the news is decided? Check out: Inside the Core!

  2. Stride musically — does this mean that when you call ATT on Monday, you can now put them on hold with some muzak? That would make it all worthwhile. (Except then it would make the other 500 callers who are on hold wait even longer…)

  3. What’s wrong with AT&T? Bad reception? Didn’t get the phone configured for service correctly?

  4. Paul

    6/30/2007 at 9:14 am

    ATT was not set up to do the job. Their folks were all on different pages when you asked a question.

    My phone number was on an ATT business account. Some said no problem. You can switch phones and keep your number. Some said no biz plans for this phone (that turns out to be right).

    The campus rep (all this pre-purchase) gave me an “IRU employee fan” number that I was to use for something to help out the transition. The store, iTunes and the Biz services folks all acted like they never heard of such a thing and ignored it.

    iTunes wouldn’t let me use the existing account and upgrade because 1) it was a biz account and 2) I didn’t have the last four digits of SSN of the person holding the biz account.

    The Biz services guy told me to wait til Monday and fill out a form and it might get done in 5 business days.

    I was sitting with a $600 phone that couldn’t do anything. We had even been standing in the rain. I wasn’t going to wait another week fercrissake.

    If you start a new personal account, you can have the phone working, but you may never see the old number again – says the Biz services guy.

    I have a new phone and a new number and a new account. More will be sorted out on Monday. Simon and JonMills are both yet to get their iPhones registered. Simon says he’ll likely make a new account too. Jon only wanted to upgrade is service…

    The lack of coordination made things worse and the folks on the phone and at the store didn’t really know what they were doing (especially compared to my Apple experiences).

    One telling thing: The folks in the store were getting page timeouts on their webbased terminals. The store manager was having them all reboot their thin client Windoz boxen over and over while people stood outside in the rain. Jon and I tried saying “reload, reload; not reboot” but that couldn’t be heard and we quickly hushed up. — Imagine that at the Apple store. It wouldn’t happen.

    With music playing in the background using the iPod function ;->

    Most stuff works even my contacts imported from Palm/Treo to Mac Addressbook to iPhone. And with some work the Calendar to iCal to iPhone.

    See above about YouTube euphoria and disappointment. (that’s not ATT’s fault that I know of).

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