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JCDL – Jonathan Zittrain

Getting the Berkman Center vibe from Jonathan Zittrain. Starting from privacy as he talks about “Open Information: Redaction, Restriction, and Removal.” How DRM infects your computer and reports back etc citing the Sony Rootkit. Funny citing of some of the titles “protected”/infecting your computer including “Healthy in Paranoid Times” bu Our Lady Peace and Van Zant’s “Get Right with the Man.” iPod accessories market is $1 Billion per year! the new British warship comes iPod docks through out. Now on to YouTube as non-institutional contributary work including podcasts. Strong identity projected in the materials. When will things be pulled back? Or under what circumstances would you justify removing materials? 1) national security 2) privacy 3) copyright 4) fairness – jury taint/group insult/defamation 5) repudiation OR source 1) author 2) government 3) third party. — losing track here as JZ is very amusing..
Core Purpose of libraries. Other CPs Cargill to improve the standard of living around the world. Other amusing CPs. Now facebook and privacy. Now facial recognition and Riya. Are ranking systems like eBay and Amazon or the Korean CyWorld invasive or is it a good thing (aka Nock)?
Benefits of reputation systems??

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  1. Glad to see you couldn’t quite navigate the mobius strip of the argument either. (I tried but got stuck in the gooey mash-ups: The tension between privacy and identity might mean good news for Fred, Terrell, and ClaimID though.

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