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Jessamyn West in Chronicle and at K-State Libraries blogs

“Young Librarians, Talkin’ ‘Bout Their Generation”, a link that may given the ways of the Chronicle of Higher Education go away shortly, features interviews with 8 young librarians including’s Jessamyn West (her blog is hosted on who talks about the relationship between libraries and publishers. Jessamyn is handed a loaded gun when the Chronicle asks “Should the relationship between libraries and publishers change? If so, how?” and later (in audio) “What are libraries doing right? Doing wrong?” Jessamyn toasts Free Culture and disses libraries resistance to embrace rapid change.

Thanks to Jeff Pomerantz for the link to the Chronicle.

Jessamyn’s talk at Access 2007 gets reviewed on the Kansas State Libraries blog. In return, she links to bogs and feeds there at K-State.

I’ll be at Kansas State tomorrow through Friday (as I mentioned in an earlier post) and I’m looking forward to talking to the library folks there especially now that Jessamyn has pointed out their blogs to me and I’ve been able to read a bit about what they are up to.


  1. Say hi to Dale and Donna and everyone else there!

  2. No Mr. Jones,
    You are wrong. Barbeque is Cow.

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