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John Edwards for Net Neutrality

This just out from John Edwards:

When MoveOn and The Christian Coalition agree about something, it’s a good bet they’re right. Groups as wide-ranging as Gun Owners of America on one side and U.S. PIRG and the One America Committee on the other are fighting to keep the Internet the way it is now – free and open to anyone with access to a computer.


Full letter at OneAmericaCommittee blog

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  1. Although I support the cause, I just don’t buy this logic. What does it mean they must be right? I assumed it means they must be crazy! In fact I wrote to MoveOn about it 2 weeks ago. Here’s what I said:

    “I will never knowingly give money to promote even the existence of the Christian Coalition. While I appreciate the novelty of their participation in this cause, I am disappointed that MoveOn would collaborate with them in any way, not to mention make the CC look slightly reasonable by way of their association with you.”

    But I guess MoveOn’s not too concerned about my perspective. Their target is the outraged moderate. I am only one of those things. 😉

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