Just back from doing the History Channel tape about North Carolina. My partner-in-being-interviewed tech entrepreneur Heather Hesketh brought up Open Source as on of the things that makes NC great and recognized world-wide. Naturally I jumped in and supported her. The producer was interested and had me try to define Open Source in 25 words or less (more or less). We may make it to the final cut on that. We also talked about BBQ, tobacco including Heather’s grandfather’s pipe factory, the Research Triangle and the importance of the past to the future. “Any place that wants to move forward quickly needs to have a good rearview mirror as well as a clear forward vision,” says Jones.

The show, which is 1 of a series of ten, will feature bits on five states soooo you do the numbers we might not be there at all or we may get a good bit. It will maybe run 15 seconds off my Warholian clock.

We’ll know in 2007 when the series is scheduled to run.

After a couple of friends who work in open source came by to join us. Dykki Settle of INTRAH is working on an Open Source package for Human Resources for Health Information Systems for Ministries of Health in various countries with USAID. Shava Nerad is working with the cool anonymity project, TOR. See earlier notes.

Great meeting of the Open Source minds there over lunch after the crew took off and left us to gab at length.