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Ted Vaden, the public editor (as opposed to the private editor?) for the News and Observer, writes of blogs and blogging today in an article called “Bloggers Challenge Traditional Media”.
His unified vision of what/who/where bloggers are is off. No, we are not all the same. Some are professional journalists, others are thoughtful, some are paid operatives, some are cranks, some don’t care about politics in the least, etc. Place me where you will.
Vaden does give props to and ends his article by saying: “note to self: Start an N&O blog.”

In the meantime, UNC Journalism and Mass Communications alumni and Triangle Bloggers Conference organizer, Anton Zuiker, throws down the blogging challenge to his alma mater (where I am on faculty and was lucky to have had Anton in class). Part of Anton’s challenge is that no one should take on our Deanship unless they have “read this [this being a Peggy Noonan piece] and responded to it – on a blog!”

If you have missed blogging altogether and need to catch up, professional journalist Ed Cone has written an intro to blogging for the News and Record called “Beginner’s guide to the blogosphere”


  1. I hope you don’t mind that I have included you in my experimental Triangle blog aggregator, the only feed around with both Sam Ruby and Ruby Sinreich 😉

  2. Paul, your anti-spam thing just ate my post AGAIN. Grrr.

    Thank you for saving me the hassle of writing about this! Why do journalists keep saying bloggers are journalists? I’m not a journalist! I don’t want to be a journalist! Someone else can spend their time accurately reporting (and hopefully, analyzing) information to serve the community. I’ve got my own agenda to serve.

    I was psyched to see Ted’s interest in blogging. What do you think it will take to convert his ‘not to self’ to a ‘to do’ item? I could have set a blog up for him in the time it took to write this post…

  3. Of course the above should read ‘note to self.’

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