Jerry has a SchedulerI’ve always been a better observer of emerging tech than a consumer of it. This was brought home to me today when my collegue, Jerry Saye talked lovingly about his Roomba. Not his first Roomba but his second. The old one wasn’t up to what the new one can do and lacked in certain features like scheduling a cleaning whilst you are away.
Another collegue, Jeffery Pomerantz, bought his wife a Roomba for Valentine’s this year.Valentine's Roomba
We support a wonderful artist in part by having her clean our house. We also get to have her highly decorated car which is a piece of sculptural work parked in our drive while she cleans. It’s like rented a piece of art every two weeks — plus ending up with a clean house.
I did take Sally to Chicago and to NextFest where we saw the latest Roomba. One like Jerry’s new vac. We also saw Hubo and the Philip K Dick Android. We didn’t buy them either.