JJB announces the latest release of Lyceum over on the Lyceum blog.

Lyceum is:

  • Multi-user, multi-blog enhancement of the WordPress blogging engine.
  • Enterprise database architecture – Lyceum leverages the WordPress database architecture, extending multi-user blogging within a single instantiation of the WordPress schema.
  • N-scalable and easily distributed – Lyceum allows administrators to seamlessly distribute the application across multiple web servers, as resource demands grow.
  • Security-conscious design – Developed with a focus on security, at the application and execution layer. Leveraging the WordPress codebase, and structured to effectively deal with comment spam, administrators can feel secure with a transparent, well-designed product.
  • Ease of install and upgrade – Lyceum is designed to be easy to install and upgrade. With a minimal filesystem footprint, Lyceum remains manageable as the Blogosphere scales.
  • Perfect for the campus, enterprise – and small group – Lyceum retains the native functionality of WordPress, ensuring that groups small and large will enjoy use.