Dale Daugherty says the aim of Make is to address the home shop and hacks on grey market etc.

Andrew shows off gameboy advanced hacks by using a linker (which you must buy overseas at 100 -150$) but he wants to talk about creating one yourself. He’s after not illegal behavior but emulation for classic games including superniteendo and sinclair etc. even infocom games like Zork.also donkey kong.
You can electronically tune your car with this even. Much excitement over using GBA for that.

How to make almost anything and not kill yourself
– Raffi Krikorian (at MIT) is the TA there. MIT returns to its roots. oddities discussed including scream delayer.

Open Source car and/or source forge for hardware desired. (MIT folks excited about this).

Tom Anderson shows off a tube amp for guitars. It is loud and makes noise so it’s a success.

Pages from Make circulate. Ariel Photography from Kites. cheap lightings tricks.
Soldering and Desoldering.

James Duncan does 3D printing using chocolate as the material. Legos used to make the device.
800$ of Lego and 60$ of chocolate plus a funnel. He only used about 200$ in Legos and was tic-ed about

Saul was the Lego fellow at MIT but he somehow offended them and they will not build chocolate printer. Another fellow build a lathe that will carve candles and another to scrape toast.

A general moan and whine about the way Lego packages their products.

Is Make Popular Mechanics married to Wired?

Peter Mui is sitting beside me. He was shooting off 1 liter bottles using water and air pressure delighting all the kids here. He has a great launching pad too.